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Slip And Fall Cases 101: How To Handle An Injury

Posted by Hopkins Law Firm | Jul 19, 2022 | 0 Comments


In a slip and fall injury case, there are many pieces to consider. Your main concern should be your health, and while legal action may not even cross your mind when you injure yourself on someone else's property, the reality is you may incur hefty medical bills that shouldn't fall on you to pay. Some business owners will try to avoid paying your medical bills. By law, property owners must keep the premises clear of any debris or possibly hazardous disruption that could cause you to slip and fall. By failing to do so, the property owner could be held reliable for your doctor bills, time away from work, and even pain and suffering due to the accident.

The claim of pain and suffering covers a variety of injuries, both physical and intangible. Emotional and mental pain should not go unnoticed in court. A compelling case of pain and suffering can be presented by a skilled attorney. Each case requires its own claim and proof of injury in the claimed capacity. When it comes to fighting for mental or emotional injury, your attorney will rely heavily on documentation.

Who Handles Slip And Fall Cases?

An experienced slip and fall attorney will help weed through the red tape and get you the justice you deserve. The lawyer's first priority is to get the attention of the defendant, so they understand you've moved beyond representing yourself. When you partner with a trusted attorney for legal representation during a slip-and-fall case, it becomes clear to the property owner that you're taking the situation seriously. 

The lawyer's job is to prove that the property owner was negligent in the care or upkeep of the property and that negligence was responsible for the majority of your injury. By proving the defendant is at fault, your lawyer positions your case to reach a fair settlement outside of court or to go to trial if necessary.

What To Do After A Fall Injury

If you suffer an injury after falling on a sidewalk outside a store, parking lot, or inside the business, you need to immediately notify the manager. The incident needs to be properly documented within store paperwork. Request a copy of the incident document.

Ask anyone who offers help or was standing nearby for their contact information. You'll want to be able to contact witnesses if necessary. If there's someone with you or standing nearby, ask them to take photos of the area where you fell. 

Once the incident is documented, limit your communication with the store employees and manager. Don't offer to sign any documents and refuse their efforts if they request your compliance. Make your Pawleys Island lawyer aware of any communication you have with store workers. 

Best Slip-And-Fall Attorney

You need a trusted Charleston slip-and-fall attorney who will help you document lost wages, organize medical bills, and document any necessary future medical needs, like a physical therapist or future surgery, that should be covered by the defendant. Proving your injuries and extent of emotional or long-term damage takes more than providing medical paperwork. Allow the Hopkins Law Firm to work on your behalf to prove your pain and suffering is the result of a property owner's negligence. Don't allow your pain and suffering to be neglected by a property owner. Contact the Hopkins Law Firm today to schedule a consultation.

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