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Pedestrian accident near South Carolina elementary school

While December is a busy month for residents in South Carolina and elsewhere, this does not mean that we do not have the time to stop and look at our surroundings. This is especially true for motorists traveling in areas where pedestrians frequent. During the holiday season, this tends to be near stores, malls and parking lots, however, schools are a concerning area year round. This is because young children are walking during the morning and afternoon hours outside of the school when parents and buses are also transporting students to the school.

According to recent reports, a pedestrian accident took place in Greenville. Preliminary investigation reveals that the crash occurred on East North Street near Mitchell Road during the morning hours. Police have confirmed that the crash took place near Mitchell Road Elementary School.

Why was your mortgage refinance request denied?

We can't always predict our future. This also means that we cannot know our financial future, even if we took the time to do careful financial planning. Difficult times and financial hardships could occur, making it challenging to keep up with bills, especially large ones like a mortgage. When these unfortunate events do occur, residents in South Carolina and elsewhere seek out their options, such as refinancing their mortgage.

Individuals and families seek to refinance their mortgages as a means to lower their payments, lock in a fixed rate, shorten or lengthen their terms for paying the loan back or as a way to cash out equity. While it is a beneficial step for lenders to take, not everyone qualifies for refinancing.

The legality of DUI checkpoints and your defense options

During the holiday months in the fall and winter, individuals in South Carolina and elsewhere note the increase in traffic on the roadways. Motorists are likely traveling to visit family, go to a holiday gathering or even attend a party. While these are common acts during this time of year, it is also a time where many consume alcoholic beverages. Although have one or two will likely not put a driver over the limit, driver with alcohol in your system can have its risks. This could mean an automobile collision or even a traffic stop by a police officer that suspects you are intoxicated.

DUI checkpoints are frequently used by law enforcement to detect whether motorists are diving under the influence of alcohol. These are frequently used during the holiday season, as there is an increase in drunk driving incidents during the times of year. While most motorists have seen these checkpoints, they may not entirely understand their legality.

Helping you assert a defense against a DUI

We all panic when we see police cruiser lights going off behind us while we travel on the roadways. A traffic stop might seem minimal when it comes to criminal charges; however, a simple traffic stop could easily take a turn, causing motorists in South Carolina and elsewhere facing more serious charges. If a police officer suspects that a driver is under the influence of alcohol, this could result in a drunk driving charge.

Whether it is your first DUI allegation or not, having a DUI on your record can have serious impacts on an individual's life. This could mean fines, penalties and lost driving privileges. At Hopkins Law Firm, LLC, our attorneys understand how overwhelming this situation can be. Thus, we are focused on helping individuals in the Pawleys Island area navigate these matters, helping them assert a strong defense.

Don't face a failed breath test alone

A previous post on this blog reminded both the residents of and visitors to Pawleys Island, South Carolina, that blowing over a .08 on a breath test is not an automatic win for the prosecution.

Moreover, and particularly if a person drives for a living or is in some other occupation which is strict about alcohol-related legal issues, he or she may want to fight even a first-time DUI offense, and an unfavorable breath test result shouldn't necessarily preclude that. This is no doubt a difficult decision for a person to make, as trials involve time, money and emotional stress.

After a car wreck, don't do this

Just like with most things in life, there are some do's and don'ts that you should follow after a car accident. Imagine driving through Pawleys Island when another driver rear ends you. You know that you should stay at the scene and wait for the police. You also know that you should check on the other driver if you are able and, if you are injured, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. These are things you have mostly likely known since you completed a driver's education course when you first got your license.

While you are probably familiar with the things you should do, you may not know about what you should not do after a motor vehicle accident.

A breath test over .08 is not an automatic conviction

Many people who live on Pawleys Island, South Carolina, or who come here to visit will probably want to have a few drinks from time to time while they are out enjoying the beaches and temperate weather.

However, getting pulled over and then detained on suspicion being a drunk driver can really dampen a person's good time, especially if it winds up that, no matter how responsible and careful that person tried to be, they still wound up blowing a .08 or slightly on the breath testing machine at the police station.

A brief background of HAMP loans

Previous posts on this Pawleys Island, South Carolina, denied HAMP loan attorney blog have briefly touched on what the Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP, even is. Still, in order to tell whether a person might have a good legal case against Bank of America or, for that matter, another lender, a bit more background could be helpful.

The HAMP program is part of a federal government initiative called Making Homes Affordable which, as the name implies, helps struggling and hard-working South Carolina families purchase and successfully own their own residence.

South Carolina Deputy Chief arrested for suspected DUI

Anyone who operates a motor vehicle could be subject to a traffic stop. While many of these stops stem from minor traffic offenses such as speeding, going through a stop sign or failing to yield, others could occur for more serious offenses. A drunk driving charge is one to not take lightly. It has the ability to generate serious penalties, impact a person's ability to operate a motor vehicle and even tarnish a person's personal and professional reputation. Thus, it is important for those accused of a drunk driving charge to understand their situation and what defense options they might have.

According to recent reports, the Deputy Chief of the Richland County Sheriff's department was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. Based on reports, the Deputy Chief was arrested by the South Carolina Highway Patrol around 10:30 pm at the intersection of SC-391 and Saint Marks Church Road.

Implementing a foreclosure defense

Purchasing and owning a home is a major accomplishment and life event for residents in South Carolina and elsewhere. While it might take years to make this dream come true, it is ultimately worth all the hard work and dedication. Unfortunately, a homeowner's dreams could come crumbling down. Financial problems and other unfortunate events could make it difficult to make a mortgage payment. This places a homeowner in a very difficult situation, and it could mean losing their home to the foreclosure process.

Even the mere thought of foreclosure makes an individual want to take action to prevent it from ever occurring. Nonetheless, there isn't much one can do to prevent it being initiated against them, but there are options available to those going through the process. I is possible to fight back, even if the process has begun. This could ultimately help the homeowner stop the foreclosure process, helping them maintain their home.

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