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Do recalls impact the rate of car accidents?

For residents in South Carolina and elsewhere, motor vehicles are considered essential. This consumer good is relied on by most to get to and from their destinations. When automobiles break down or need repairs, this is frustrating. Parts get old, causing replacements to be necessary. But what if a component of a vehicle is defective? How can an automobile owner take action? What if an accident results from this defect?

Tens of thousands of lives are lost each year on roadways across the nation. While there are many causes that make up that number, automobile defects play a role. In fact, there has been much focus on getting unsafe vehicles off of the road in order to reduce the chances of a defective automobile causing a crash. Thus, the recall process is essential in these endeavors.

DUI and prescription drugs: What to do if you're arrested

You had a bad head cold, so you went to a local outpatient clinic to get some medical help. The doctor there recognized that you had an inner ear infection and put you on antibiotics.

Everything was fine until the next day when you had to drive to work. You recognized that the medication made you tired, but what you didn't realize was how severely it would interact with your ability to drive. You got behind the wheel and quickly recognized that you were struggling to stay in lane. You attempted to pull over, but that's when you saw the cop's flashing lights behind you.

Helping people pursue compensation after a personal injury

There are some events that can completely turn a person's life upside down. When accidents happen, victims are left dealing with the tough aftermath of them. Minor or major, accident victims are likely ill-prepared to with the pain and suffering, damages and losses that befall upon them. This is where is can become vital for accident victims in South Carolina to consider their legal options and rights.

When a negligent party is to blame for an accident, victims could seek compensation for their injuries and losses. Because a victim's focus tends to be on their health and well-being, it can be challenging to navigate the legal process with regards to personal injury claims. At Hopkins Law Firm, LLC, our skilled attorneys have over 20 years of experience representing clients harmed by a wide variety of accidents.

Ignition interlock devices in South Carolina

Consuming alcohol is legal for those of age, and it is relatively safe when done in moderation and with care. However, when individuals in South Carolina and elsewhere fail to uphold a duty of care when consuming alcohol, this could lead to a risky situation. Intoxicated driving could be result of a serious automobile accident. Those accused of drinking while driving following a car crash or a traffic stop could face serious penalties.

In the state of South Carolina, drunk driving is treated seriously. This means that those accused of this crime could face serious penalties. One of these consequences is having an ignition interlock device installed in the driver's vehicle. Back in 2014, Emma's law was signed and became effective. This law was used to enhance the existing IID program.

How do dashboard cameras play a role in a DUI charge?

When drivers are stopped by law enforcement, they might assume that what is written in their report will stand as fact when a citation or charge is issued. For the most part, this is true. However, not all information or evidence can always be accepted. In these cases, some motorists in South Carolina could take measures to challenge a drunk driving charge based on how evidence was obtained and what evidence is available.

How do dashboard cameras play a role when a person is charged with driving under the influence? In the state of South Carolina, there are statutes that address when and how dashboard cameras should be used in the event of a suspected drunk driving situation. 0These statutes requires video recording as soon as an officer suspects that a driver is intoxicated. This recording is to continue until a suspect is arrested and placed into the patrol car.

Study reveals current mortgage market risks

Roughly a decade ago, the U.S. economy experienced a serious downturn. This was a time where Americans in South Carolina and elsewhere saw the housing prices drop and unemployment climb. Those finding it difficult to keep up with their home mortgages would seek various outlets to assist them, such as refinancing. However, because these homeowners were unable to refinance and continued to struggle to meet the ever-increasing monthly mortgage payments, many homeowners defaulted on their mortgages and lost their homes to foreclosure.

Following this financial crisis, Congress as well as financial regulators, increased the regulations surrounding credits risks associated with mortgage lending. This also included generating stronger underwriting standards. Nonetheless, a recent research study revealed that a boom in nonbank mortgage lending means that there is still an exposure to liquidity risks for the mortgage market.

What are a consumer's rights with regards to defective products?

Marketing and advertisement play a major role in the lives of consumers. These influence individuals in South Carolina and elsewhere to make purchases, presuming the product that they just purchased with perform as advertised. While warranties can help address issues with products not working correctly or at all, defects in products do not always mean that the product is not working. A defective product could translate into a dangerous product, causing serious and even fatal consumer injuries.

What are a consumer's rights with regards to defective products? When a personal injury arises because of a defective product, it is important to understand how these defects occur and how an injured consumer can respond to this situation.

Disfiguration: A traumatic result of car crashes

Getting into a car accident is bad enough when it causes injuries. When those injuries are to your face or other obvious area of your body, it can be devastating. Not only do you have to live with the pain of the injuries, but you have to struggle with what you look like or how you appear to others.

Disfiguration does occur in some crashes, and there are a few reasons why. For instance, someone who doesn't wear a seatbelt could go through the windshield. Although that glass is usually made of safety materials, there's still a high potential for lacerations, bruising and damage to the facial structure. Inside the vehicle, flying debris can cause injuries. Worst of all, car fires lead to significant burns on patients who cannot escape quickly enough.

Consumer injuries and amusement parks

With spring just around the corner, residents in South Carolina and elsewhere are likely getting their spring and summer agenda in line. This means spending times outdoors and even visiting parks, fairs and amusement parks. Because amusement parks are frequently visited year round for entertainment and family vacations, many do not consider the risks associated with a ride.

Unfortunately, amusement park rides are not all fun and games. These rides are the source of serious and fatal consumer injuries each year. According to current data and statistics, there were 30,000 emergency department visits in 2016 for injuries linked to amusement parks. These injuries, serious and fatal, occur when a ride malfunctions. Because data on this type of consumer injury is lacking, it is estimated that the likelihood of being harmed by an amusement park ride is one in 16 million.

Strategizing a defense against a DUI charge

Much like other states, South Carolina treats drunk driving seriously. Thus, when a law enforcement officer suspects that a driver is under the influence of alcohol, he or she will perform a traffic stop. This can be an overwhelming experience, as no one expects to go through the embarrassment of a field sobriety test on the side of the road. However, this is the process officers use to determine if there is probable cause to administer a blood alcohol concentration test. Errors can be made during this step, though, and officers may place a driver under arrest even when there are holes in the case.

At the Hopkins Law Firm, LLC, our experienced attorneys know how to spot these holes. Even when evidence accumulates against a client, our law firm is able to determine what evidence will stick and what ones we may challenge. By poking holes in the case, our legal team seeks to weaken the case of the prosecution, helping our clients in the Pawleys Island area reduce and even dismiss the charges against them.

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