Should I Hire A Lawyer If I Slip And Fall?

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If you slip and fall in a business, parking lot or other property, your main concern is your health. While legal action may not even cross your mind when you injure yourself on someone else's property, the sad reality is that many business owners will try to avoid paying your medical bills. By law, property owners must keep the premises clear of any debris or possibly hazardous disruption that could cause you to slip and fall. By failing to do so, the property owner could be held reliable for your doctor bills, time away from work, and even pain and suffering due to the accident.

Who Can You Sue?

In a slip and fall injury case, there are many pieces to consider. In fact, the sheer complexity of the situation may be the responsible party's excuse to not respond to your inquiries or refuse to help. An experienced slip and fall attorney in Pawleys Island will help weed through the red tape and get you the justice you deserve.

One of the obstacles in a slip and fall case knowing who is responsible for the unsafe conditions that caused your injury. This is especially true if a business is operating out of a leased space. In some instances, the landlord or property owner will be responsible. In other scenarios, the business owner should be held accountable. For example, if your fall was caused by a structural issue with the building – like a missing tile or water leak – the landlord is likely the responsible party. However, if a bulky product display jetted into the isle causing you to lose your balance and fall, the property owner should be held responsible.

A skilled Pawleys Island lawyer will recognize when a business or property owner is attempting to avoid your inquiries and will fight on your behalf. Your health and recovery should be your main priority, and the Hopkins Law Firm will help get you the financial compensation you deserve to care for your injuries.

What To Do If You Fall?

If you slip and fall at a business, parking lot, or even on the sidewalk outside a store, make sure the business owner or manager is notified. Request that he or she document the incident in writing and give you a copy.

If possible, try to obtain contact information for any witnesses that were nearby or anyone who helped you after the falls. If you have someone with you, ask them to take photos of the area, documenting any liquid, ice, or product that caused the incident.

Limit your communication with the store owner or manager and do not offer a statement or sign any release documents if they request one. Do not post about the incident on social media. Any communication you create about the incident could be used against you if the slip and fall goes to court.

Contact a trusted attorney in Pawleys Island. A personal injury lawyer will listen to your case and help you decide if moving forward with legal action is the right move to make. The Hopkins Law Group is experienced in handling slip and fall cases and will work on your behalf to ensure you're compensated for all medical bills and other costs associated with the fall.

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