How to Report Nursing Home Neglect

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If you believe that your family member is a victim of nursing home neglect, the situation must be reported promptly to authorities. Indications of neglect can be signs of abuse. When neglect is not promptly addressed, it can lead to severe ramifications, including permanent disabilities, emotional concerns, and potentially death.

What Authorities should Nursing Home Neglect be Reported to?

Finding out that your family member or friend is the victim of neglect can be a very traumatic experience for everyone involved. Therefore, it is vital to know upfront who to reach out to.

  • Local law enforcement – If your family member is in potential danger, especially physical danger, you need to inform the local police department. The police, or paramedics, can remove a victim from a dangerous situation and deliver them to a safer location. Further, if it is believed that the nursing home has broken any laws, the police can conduct an investigation.
  • Adult Protective Services (APS) – Some states leave these types of situations to APS to investigate non-urgent complaints.
  • Long-term care ombudsman – When the situation is not dire but needs to be addressed, a local ombudsman can work as an advocate for the senior citizen and can help to take legal action.
  • Social services – In most cases, APS will contact social services when investigating a nursing home complaint or assisted living center abuse. Social service workers will partner with authorities and others to address the negligence and ensure that the victim is moved to a better and safer living situation.
  • Nursing home or assisted living abuse lawyers – After reaching out to the appropriate authority (law enforcement, APS, an ombudsman, or social services), an attorney be consulted to ensure that the victim's legal rights are protected.

How Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Can Help

When your loved one has been abused, steps must be taken to remove them from the harmful situation before things progress. Nursing home abuse lawyers can help you and your loved one get financial compensation for their mistreatment and abuse. By getting your family member into a safe situation, you can ensure that they are taken care of in the future, and you can ensure that your lawsuit is about negligent care and not wrongful death.

Compensation from a nursing home neglect case can help to:

  • Help cover medical bills resulting from the treatment of neglect
  • Help cover any needed mental health therapy
  • Help to offset expenses or fully cover expenses tied to relocating your loved one from one facility to another
  • Help bring justice against those responsible for the abuse or negligence

No one should have to experience nursing home abuse. If your loved one is the victim of nursing home negligence or abuse, be sure to reach out to a nursing home abuse lawyer or an assisted living abuse lawyer for help. Your case will not only help your family member but future victims as well.

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