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Can I receive pain and suffering damages after a car accident?

Experiencing a car accident can leave a person with many different kinds of injuries, and these injuries may take many months or even years to fully recover from. In some instances, an injury is so severe that the victim is permanently injured. If another party is liable for the accident, then a court may award a settlement to the victim, or the two parties amy reach a settlement outside of court.

Many people use the term "pain and suffering" when speaking about personal injury settlements, but not everyone who uses the term seems to fully understand exactly what it means or how a person might receive pain and suffering damages.

Study shows increase in traffic deaths for second year in a row

For a number of years, national statistics showed a slow but steady decline in the number of traffic fatalities. Researchers pointed to many possible explanations, including improved safety equipment and increased awareness and enforcement of drunk driving laws. However, in the past two years the trend has appeared to reverse.

According to a study recently released by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, 37,461 people died in U.S. traffic crashes in 2016, a 5.6 percent increase from the year before. The figure for 2015 represented an 8.4 percent increase over the number reported in 2014.

Helping you collect damages in a personal injury action

Much like the name implies, accidents are unexpected events. No one can assume that he or she will be an accident victim, and they certainly cannot prepare for such a tragic event occurring. Thus, when you are injured in an accident, it is vital to understand what happened, what caused the incident, if another party is accountable and whether you have legal recourses available.

The aftermath of an accident is likely to stir up emotions, making it difficult to think clearly and fully understand what is the next best step to take. At Hopkins Law Firm, LLC, our experienced attorneys understand how overwhelming it can be to deal with the hardships and the pain and suffering following an accident. Therefore, we are dedicated to helping South Carolina victims understand their rights and initiate a legal action.

Recovering compensation after a slip-and-fall accident

When we set foot on someone else's property, whether it's to shop at a store, dine at a restaurant or simply walk on a sidewalk, we place a certain trust in the owner of the property to keep the premises reasonably safe. Under South Carolina law, the owner has a duty to periodically inspect the property and repair hazards so as to avoid accidents that might harm visitors.

When property owners breach this duty, and a visitor is injured as a result, the injured may recover compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. The legal theory underlying this type of suit is known as premises liability.

What does a field sobriety test entail?

When motorists in South Carolina are stopped for a suspected drunk driving, this can be an overwhelming experience. Even if a driver knows that they are not intoxicated and are surely not over the limit, this might not be what a police officer believes or observes if a field sobriety test is conducted. When a driver submits to this testing, they are also agreeing to evidence being collected against them. Even though the state views this information as evidence that could indicate a reasonable suspicion, motorists should note that this information is not always properly collected or reliable.

What does a field sobriety test entail? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are three field sobriety tests conducted by law enforcement when there is a traffic stop for a suspected drunk driving. This includes the horizontal gaze nystagmus, the one-leg stand and the walk and turn test. The idea is that each of these tests measure a specific response or a reflex that are supposedly compromised when a person has been drinking.

Understanding what constitutes a felony DUI charge

Although drinking and driving is a known danger, it is still a problem on the roadways in South Carolina and elsewhere. Because authorities seek to crack down on this violation and danger on the roadways, serious penalties were implemented for offenders. However, in order for a driver to be charged with a DUI, probable cause and evidence that asserts reasonable suspicion must be collected. In matters where a suspected drunk driver causes an accident, authorities still need to go through the process to prove that alcohol was a factor in an accident.

While a DUI can carry with it serious penalties, a felony DUI is a very serious predicament to be in. This charge carries harsher penalties as well as consequences that could be long lasting. Thus, it is important to understand what could elevate the charge to a felony and how best to initiate a criminal defense against the charges.

Your business can be whole again after a breach of contract

Part of operating a business means signing contracts. You probably signed a rental agreement for your office or retail space. Perhaps, you have a contract with a vendor to supply the goods and materials you need for daily operations. Maybe you have a contract with a client that specifies that terms of payment when you provide goods or services.

In a world where contracts typically rule the business realm, it is not unheard of for one party or another to fail to honor the terms of an agreement. If this has ever happened to you, you have experienced a breach of contract. Read further to find out more about handling a breach of contract.

Woman killed in wrong-way crash in South Carolina

While motorists in South Carolina and elsewhere expect to encounter other vehicles while traveling on the roadways, they do not anticipate a driver coming at them head-on. A wrong-way driver is a very dangerous and serious situation on the roadway. No matter the reason for a driver traveling in the wrong direction, if a wrong-way crash ensues, this is likely to result in serious and even fatal injuries for those involved.

According to recent reports, authorities in Greenville County responded to a wrong-way crash. The South Carolina Highway Patrol stated that the collision occurred around 4 a.m. on I-385 northbound near Fountain Inn.

What should a victim do following a slip-and-fall accident?

When we enter public or private property, we are under the assumption that property owners have taken proactive measures to make the environment safe for visitors and patrons. Thus, when we encounter a slippery floor, damaged carpet, unsafe stairwell or an unlit parking lot, it is a shocking incident. Individuals in South Carolina not only don't expect to slip while on the property of another, but they also do not expect to suffer serious injuries as a result of a slip and fall.

Unfortunately, slip-and-fall incidents happen more than we hope to hear. According to current statistics, more that eight million emergency room visits in the U.S. are because of a fall. With regards to injuries suffered in these accidents, bone fractures are the most common. Additionally, slip and falls are the primary reason for employees missing work.

Defense available for those accused of a DUI

Nothing is worse for a motorist than seeing lights in their rearview mirror. A driver might be under the impression that it will be a simple traffic stop for speeding. If this is the case, he or she is hoping to get away with just a warning. But if a police officer suspects that a motorist is under the influence of alcohol, he or she will have to ensure much more during the traffic stop. Whether this is a field sobriety test or a breath test, if the evidence collected against a South Carolina driver causes an officer to believe that he or she is under the influence of alcohol, the driver could be charged with a DUI.

There are different defense strategies available to those accused of drunk driving, and depending on a person's circumstances, he or she might have several defense opportunities. Additionally, accused drivers could assert an affirmative defense or a defense action.

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