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Should You Fight A Traffic Ticket In Court?

Posted by Hopkins Law Firm | Jul 19, 2022 | 0 Comments


South Carolina collected $6.2 million in traffic ticket fines and fees in 2018, according to the S.C. Criminal Justice Academy. For many drivers, receiving a traffic ticket simply means dropping a check in the mail or showing up to court to try to get the fine reduced. But there is a better answer. For drivers who don't want to deal with the repercussions of having points on their driving record or feel their ticket was unwarranted, hiring a traffic violation and car accident lawyer makes sense.

Whether you're fighting a violation associated with a motor vehicle accident or it's a simple moving violation, understand traffic laws can be difficult. Considering a Pawleys Island lawyer to represent you in court can be helpful. Avoiding points on your record, an increase in insurance premiums, or even jail time as the results of a crash or violation is more likely with a skilled attorney on your side.

Points On Driving Record

Having points on your driving record does more than indicate you've made traffic mistakes. Depending on your history, just one point can have the power to increase your insurance rates. Your insurance rates will not only rise in the short term, but the consequences of bad driving can last for years. Obtaining even more points in the few years following your initial violation could cause your rates to skyrocket or give the insurance company reason to drop your coverage altogether.

Even if you go to court and have the penalty reduced, a moving violation stays on your driving record for a specific amount of time. Insurance companies aren't the only ones to consider your driving record. Potential employers may also request a copy of your driving record before hiring you.

To avoid the rate hike with your insurance company and the complications that can come from having moving violations on your driving record, hire a lawyer to represent you in court. Your lawyer may be able to negotiate alternative punishments to avoid the points.

Motor Vehicle Crash Lawyers

In many municipalities, there is an option to develop your driving skills as opposed to load your record with violation points. Traffic school is a popular alternative to ticket penalties. Successfully attending traffic school can help you get the ticket dismissed, remove points from your driver's license, help prevent additional points from being tacked on to your record, and potentially lower your auto insurance cost.

Get Traffic Ticket Dismissed

There are some ways to get your South Carolina traffic ticket dismissed. Your lawyer will look into these options:

  • Plea to a less serious violation
  • Agree to probationary period
  • Officer who issued ticket fails to show for court

Even if your lawyer is able to get the ticket dismissed, you may have to pay the fine associated with the violation. When considering if a traffic or motor vehicle lawyer is worth the cost, think about how much your insurance rates will increase, possibly for years to come. Also consider the consequences of having points on your record and how that may affect your immediate and long-term future. Once you've weighed the options, schedule your consultation with a motor vehicle layer to discuss the case.

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