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Do You Have a Personal Injury Case?

Posted by Hopkins Law Firm | Jul 19, 2022 | 0 Comments


Are you having difficulty paying medical bills and you're unable to work due to an injury sustained in an accident? Are you faced with these stressful situations including handling paperwork for insurance companies?

If you're facing situations like these you need the services of a skilled attorney from Hopkins Law Firm.

Our knowledgeable team of personal injury lawyers offers you free consultation to discuss your options. We will thoroughly investigate all the circumstances pertaining to your injury to decide if you have a case.

In discussing your injury we will look at:

  • How the injury has affected you and your loved ones
  • Whose fault it was
  • If you were hospitalized
  • What are the necessary treatment
  • Your insurance as well as the negligent parties' insurance.
  • In exposing the facts to backup your claim, we will:
  • Investigate the accident
  • Find out which safety rules were broken
  • What caused the accident and party who's at fault
  • Collect supporting evidence to help your claim
  • Evaluate how the injury has affected your life and the lives of your family members
  • Assess your pain and suffering, lost wages and damage to property

Evaluating Your Case

There are multiple contributing factors that can affect the amount of money you receive for your claim. While we are unable to tell you the exact amount your case will value, we promise to provide you with the best legal representation. Although we won't be paid until you're compensated, your Hopkins Law Firm attorney will defend your case and help you get the maximum compensation. At Hopkins Law Firm we use a basic contingency fee when dealing with all cases. What does this mean? We don't get paid if you don't receive a settlement. The bottom line is there are no upfront, or out of pocket payments. We get paid after you're paid. The fee we charge is only a percentage of the value of your settlement. No recovery for you, no fees paid out to us.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation

Need to discuss the circumstances surrounding your case? Benefit from our no-charge initial consultation. To schedule a meeting, please call us or send us a message. Charleston office at 843-894-2143 ext. 264 OR Pawleys Island office at 843-314-4202.

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