Common Slip And Fall Accident Causes

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The Hopkins Law Firm has helped victims of slip and fall accidents navigate through the legal journey of medical costs, pain and suffering, and understanding that some accidents can be avoided. While the majority of business owners go out of their way to create a welcoming, safe environment, there are those who ignore circumstances that create the perfect storm for a slip and fall incident.

Not all trip and fall cases revolve around liquid spills. There are several elements that cause a patron to fall, suffering serious injuries. The risk is even higher for elders. If you've been a victim of a slip and fall accident, don't get pressured into thinking “It was just an accident, so no one is to blame.” Consider these common causes of trip and fall incidents.

Slip And Fall Cases

Dim/no lighting: A public space should be adequately lit to ensure each patron can maneuver the area safely. Poor lighting or an absence of lights can cause someone to lose their footing and increase their chances of falling. Even if other assisting items, like a handrail, are present, lighting is needed so the area isn't a trip hazard.

Broken steps: A slip and fall accident can occur before you even enter a store. If the steps or walkway leading to the entrance are in disrepair, causing you to fall, the owner could be held liable. The property owner has a responsibility to keep the store property – inside and out – properly maintained. An accident can quickly occur if the walkway has a large hole, steps are uneven or wobbly, or the entrance area hasn't been cleared of ice or snow.

Missing handrails: A properly secured handrail should accompany any set of stairs. Traveling up or down a flight of stairs without a handrail can be extremely dangerous. In addition, if the handrail isn't secured properly, it can cause a tremendous hazard.

Loose wires: An office setting often has loose wires or cables connected to printers, computers, televisions and more. If the wires aren't properly put away, it can be easy for your foot or show to become tangled in the mess, bringing you to the floor.

Spills: Tile floors can become slippery when liquids are spilled and not cleaned properly. Even rain coming into the store at the entrance can create a dangerous situation. Store owners have a responsibility to keep the floors clean and to warn you when an incident has occurred, like with a sign or yellow cone. A “wet floor” sign should be present even after an employee has cleaned the area.

Slip And Fall SC Lawyer

Hopkins Law Firm is a reputable legal team in Pawleys Island that can help you determine if a property owner should be held responsible for your injuries following a slip and fall. If you've tripped in public space or business, don't let the property owner convince you the accident was your fault. Contact our legal team now to schedule a consultation. 

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