Spinal Injuries in Accidents and Chiropractic Treatment

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Whiplash is the most common injury sustained in motor vehicle accidents. Whiplash occurs when the neck jerks backward and forward suddenly during an accident and causes damages to the soft tissues in the neck. Other accidents can result in spine and joints misalignment, which can cause pain and reduced mobility. In this case, you may want to seek chiropractic care. However, this can negatively affect the full payment you'll receive for your car accident claim. 

Medical Treatment Compensation

If you sustained injuries in any accident, you probably need to make a car accident claim. However, this must be done within the allotted three year statute of limitations for you to get compensation for the expenses related to your accident. 

Expenses include:

  • Medical
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Replacement or repair of damaged property 

Although you can be compensated for your expenses, you will have to submit proof before this can happen. The first step is to prove that the accident was the defendant's fault and that your injuries are a direct result of the accident. Even if you can prove that the defendant is responsible, you will also have to prove that the requested expenses and compensation are logical and necessary.  

Personal injury claims may not cover secondary medical care, such as chiropractic care. If a regular physician can treat your injuries, especially if the treatment would be more cost-effective, then the claim for this service would be regarded as non-essential. 

Seeking Alternative Treatment

If you have been in an accident, you probably think that you should seek whatever treatment you believe in most. Whether it's chiropractic care, massage therapy, or acupuncture, these non-traditional treatments may not be covered. Your medical expenses can be paid if you see a traditional doctor first and get a diagnosis. Where possible, ask your doctor to give you a prescription or referral to consult with a non-traditional medical practitioner. This will show the court that your alternative care was legitimate and necessary. 

Ensure that the recommendations for you to get alternate care are included in the written report. Your attorney will need this when representing you in court.

It's important that you keep all follow-up appointments with your leading physician regardless of any referral to your preferred alternate care. Keeping your appointments and documenting each visit will help prove to the court that alternate care is necessary. Make sure that you keep correct and detailed records of every treatment and have copies of all medical reports.  

Contact a Charleston Car Accident Lawyer

A qualified car accident lawyer can respond to any questions you may have about pursuing alternative treatment. If you need skilled attorneys contact our experienced team of car accident attorneys at Hopkins Law Firm. We can provide you with the best legal advice on how to seek treatment and thereby provide you with the best chance of receiving full compensation for your medical expenses.  

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