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5 Slip And Fall Lawsuit Myths

Posted by Hopkins Law Firm | Jul 19, 2022 | 0 Comments


Personal injury lawsuits in South Carolina often involve slip and fall cases. Whether the injury occurred from a wet store floor or an icy sidewalk, there are numerous situations where the property owner could have taken more precaution to avoid a fall. What many people don't understand is a Pawleys Island slip and fall lawyer can present a case on your behalf even if you feel the situation was just an “accident” or the property owner had a warning sign. These are common slip and fall myths, which, along with a few others, can be challenged through a lawsuit.

1. Accidents Happen

It's true. Accidents happen daily, and many not be worthy of seeking legal counsel. But if you slipped, fell and were injured on someone else's property because the owner didn't take necessary steps to prevent such an accident, you may have a very real slip and fall claim. Don't assume the fall was your fault or you should have been more careful. The property owner has a responsibility to keep the inside and outside areas in proper condition.

2. The Owner Is Protected By A Warning Sign

While negligence on the owner's behalf may be more difficult to prove, a warning sign doesn't necessarily mean the property owner isn't at fault for your fall. The presence of a sign may not be all the owner could have done to prevent your injuries. If you have questions about your situation, contact a Pawleys Island slip and fall lawyer for a consultation.

3. You Can Only Sue For Major Injuries

It can be a relief to discover you've only suffered a bruised wrist as opposed to a broken bone after a slip and fall, but don't think that because your injury wasn't more serious you don't have a slip and fall case. Cuts, bruises and soreness can all be considered within your claim. Physical injuries aren't the only type of damage you may incur. Psychological harm can also be considered. If the fall has caused an inability to enjoy your daily life, disrupted your ability to enjoy interests and social activities or caused other social harm, speak with your lawyer about the issues.

4. Lack Of Proof

It's easy to feel you may have no case if the store is able to clean up or clear the obstruction that caused your fall. The property owner can be legally required to hand over evidence that supports your claim, like security video or witness statements.

5. You Can Sue At Anytime

It's important to know there are time limits to personal injury lawsuits. In South Carolina, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is three years from the date of the injury. You must file your lawsuit in that time in the state's civil court system.

Other laws may apply to your personal situation, so contact a trusted Pawleys Island personal injury lawyer to discuss your case. A slip and fall lawsuit may be in your best interest to have medical bills paid and receive compensation for psychological injury. Contact the Hopkins Law Firm to schedule your consultation.

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