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5 Mistakes To Avoid During Your Divorce

Posted by Hopkins Law Firm | Jul 19, 2022 | 0 Comments

Researchers estimate that 41 percent of all first marriages end in divorce. As startling as that number may be, what's even more troubling is the number of individuals who fail to seek legal guidance or make other lasting mistakes during the divorce proceedings.

During a divorce, you're faced with numerous problems at once. You're attempting to get legal documents in order, reconstruct living arrangement, possibly explain the change to children, and deal with the emotional trauma that occurs. There's no denying that divorce can be a messy, trying time, but being attentive to certain areas of your life will help you avoid mistakes commonly made in a divorce.

1. Being financially unaware

Before you file for divorce, get a handle on your current financial standing. Gain access to financial documents that will reveal your debts, assets, and account balances. Have an understanding of what accounts you share as a couple and which are separate. Make copies of the documents to have on hand before filing for divorce.

2. Using the children as leverage

Going through a divorce is hard on everyone, especially the children. The separation can be difficult for young kids to understand and in some cases, the children feel they are at fault. Never make the situation worse by using the children as leverage to get the upper hand with your former partner. Keep your divorce conversations and dealings between you and your Pawleys Island divorce lawyer.

3. Avoiding court because of cost

Attempting to complete a divorce as quickly as possible by avoiding court and failing to hire a divorce attorney may end up costing you more in the long run. Significant negative consequences can develop from choosing to represent yourself. Avoid the legal issues of failing to complete the divorce properly and use the proper channels for the procedure.

4. Making agreements outside the divorce decree

For those who may be on amicable terms with their partner before a divorce, it seems harmless to agree to certain conditions that are never put in writing. How the children will be cared for, alimony amount, or who will receive what assets are dangerous topics to cover informally. No matter your agreeance, they're essentially unenforceable if not in writing. Use a qualified Pawleys Island divorce lawyer to draw up an agreement and get everything legalized on paper.

5. Not hiring the right divorce attorney

Whether you're trying to save money or going off the recommendation of a friend, choosing the wrong divorce attorney can leave you in a compromising situation in the end. Research divorce lawyers in Georgetown before you decide on a firm. Schedule consultations and be prepared with questions that will give you insight into the attorney's track record. You want to ensure the lawyer specializes in divorce proceedings and will fight with your best interest in mind.

Divorce can be a scary time with extreme change. Use these lessons as guides as you move through the process. While avoiding these mistakes won't care for the emotional damage you experience, it will help set you and your children up for a brighter future.

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