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3 Signs You May Be A Victim Of Legal Malpractice

Posted by Hopkins Law Firm | Jul 19, 2022 | 0 Comments


Choosing a lawyer is a task you should take very seriously. By selecting a Pawleys Island attorney to represent you, no matter the situation, you're putting your trust in his or her abilities to offer transparent, honest guidance and representation.

When an attorney falls short of the expectations that they will represent your best interest at all times, you may need to take action. You are entitled to basic rights when you fire a Pawleys Island lawyer to represent you. You have the right to effective, clear communication with your attorney, expect your attorney to have core competency in the nature of your case, all work being completed ethically and to be charged the legal fees quoted.

It is your lawyer's responsibility to give you legal guidance related to your case while still allowing you to make all vital decisions. The attorney must also keep you up to date on happenings dealing with your case and tell you what the possible outcomes are in their legal opinion. During your initial communication, the lawyer should provide a cost assessment for handling your case. The attorney's communication with you should involve an update to any delays or setback, information to help you make an informed decision, and the education needed to prepare you for your case.

Did My Lawyer Commit Legal Malpractice?

Proving legal malpractice is difficult, but there are three key areas that suggest you may have a case. If your attorney fails you in one of these ways, you may consider consulting with a legal malpractice attorney:

Attorney-Client Privilege

You are entitled to complete privacy with your information and documentation. Your lawyer cannot share any information pertaining to your case with an unauthorized person. You get to say who is authorized to view your information, like a co-counsel assisting your lawyer on the case. Malpractice may have occurred if your lawyer fails to keep your information confidential.

Conflict Of Interest

A conflict of interest may be created if your lawyer has a family member, colleague, or close friend on the opposing side of your case. A conflict of interest may occur if your lawyer is an investor in the company you're suing or similar situation. An attorney is required to consider and reveal any possible conflicts to you and possibly remove themselves from the case.

Settlement Without Your Authorization

If your lawyer agrees to a settlement in your case without your acknowledgement and approval, you have a legal malpractice claim. Your attorney is required to communicate any develops in your case, including settlement offers. You must provide authorization before you lawyer can speak on your behalf.

Legal malpractice goes undetected when victims don't seek counsel from another attorney. It's possible most legal clients aren't familiar with their rights and how they should be treated. If you suspect your lawyer has violated your rights to privacy or has acted outside of your best interest, you may be the victim of legal malpractice.

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