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When you need a general practice attorney to address a broad range of legal issues, we can help. While many law firms concentrate in a single area of law, such as personal injury or white collar crime, others may concentrate on a specific range of matters such as probate or family law. At Hopkins Law Firm we take a team approach to your case, giving you the benefit of three skilled and experienced attorneys.

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What Is A General Practice Firm?

A “general practice” firm handles all matters a particular client may generate. Whether you need to enter the court system or not we at Hopkins Law Firm, LLC, can represent you and help achieve your legal goals. Our attorney works hard to ensure success for each of our clients. Our extensive legal knowledge and experience can help you understand your case and decide whether you even need an attorney.

Call 843-314-4202 or tell us about your case. The Hopkins Law Firm in Pawleys Island serves clients in all areas of South Carolina.

What Is A General Practice Attorney?

If you are unsure of the type of attorney you need and have not found an attorney that fits your situation, a general practice attorney would be able to help because of his/her diversity in law practice areas.

  • A general practice attorney or law firm is also good for a person or business needing legal counsel and advice in more than one legal area.
  • A company may want advice on business and corporate matters as well as tax matters. Therefore, a general practice attorney or law firm could very well fit the bill.
  • Also, many corporations retain general practice attorneys and law firms in-house or on a regular basis. An advantage to a general practice attorney is that they may possess the experience and foresight to avoid unanticipated consequences of a given matter, saving you time, frustration and money down the road.

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Here, at the Hopkins Law Firm, we focus on probate cases and estate planning, but our general practice includes matters in most stages of the legal system. These matters include real estate, foreclosure, debt issues, adult guardianship/conservatorship, insurance and business matters, and civil and family issues. Our experience in these matters help us to better serve you and tackle complex and straight forward matters efficiently and at less cost to you.

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When you have to go to court, you want to know your lawyer will fight for you so you get the best possible outcome. Here at Hopkins Law Firm, our team of personal injury, family law, and criminal defense lawyers has the experience and insights needed to help you present your best case. Our team has helped many clients to protect their future. With locations in Charleston, Pawleys Island, and Myrtle Beach, we can make sure you get the counsel you need anywhere in South Carolina.