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4 Legalities To Know About Swimming Pool Injuries

Posted by Hopkins Law Firm | Jul 19, 2022 | 0 Comments

As we hit the middle of summer, vacations and family adventures are in full swing. Whether you're traveling across the country or just visiting your local community center, swimming pools are one of the biggest attractions for families. While swimming is a favorite summer pastime, it comes with great responsibility.

While drowning is the number one concern for parents and pool owners across the country, there are several ways for you or your child to be injured in or around a swimming pool. If you've suffered a swimming pool injury and need guidance, contact an experienced Pawleys Island personal injury lawyer. Some of the most common pool injuries and causes are listed below.

Slip and fall at pool

An inherent danger at nearly any swimming pool is the area around the pool becoming wet and slippery. If you slip and fall on someone else's property, including a hotel or resort, it may be possible to legally recoup any damages. Property owners have a responsibility to minimize hazards and provide an environment that is safe. Warning signs should be in place to caution you of the slippery surface. The pool should be contained either by a fence or door that requires special access if on a commercial property. If you were injured and don't think the pool owner did enough to protect you from a dangerous environment, contact the Hopkins Law Firm for a consultation.

Water slide injury

Water slides can be added fun when you and your family are at a water park or community pool. Unfortunately, these slides can also be very dangerous when not assembled correctly or properly maintained. Owners of the slide can be held accountable if it's discovered the proper steps weren't taken to ensure the ride was safe.

Chemical burns at swimming pool

A danger than many don't consider when visiting a pool is the threat of chemical burn or skin irritation. It's easy to miss this threat because there are seldom any warning signs. A rash or other skin irritation may occur if the pool is improperly cleaned or maintained. It's the owner's responsibility to ensure the water is safe and chemicals are used and stored appropriately. If the chemicals are unbalanced or the wrong chemicals are used in the water, the owner could be held liable.

Feces contamination

It's certainly not the thought you want in your mind as you watch your child jump into the wave pool at a nearby attraction, but, unfortunately, feces in a pool can cause sickness or skin irritation. Many people don't shower prior to getting in a pool, especially if the owner doesn't provide adequate facilities, and the Centers for Disease Control reports that leads to messy water. The CDC report 7,465 people become sick from Crypto, a parasite spread through the poop of infected humans or animals, between 2009-2017. Thirty-five percent of the outbreaks were linked to treated swimming water in places like pools and water playgrounds. If the pool owner doesn't keep the water clean and you become sick after swimming in it, contact a Pawleys Island lawyer.

Summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors and time with your family. If your experience at a swimming pool causes injury or sickness, it's time to rely on the experts at Hopkins Law Firm. We'll help you determine if you should sue the pool owner and walk you through the legal process.


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