When To Request A Child Support Modification

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Establishing child support through the court system can sometimes be a necessary event, but, life changes. In the event you need to request child support modification, you can do so even after a formal arrangement has been established. An experienced Pawleys Island family court lawyers can help explain your options when it comes to short-term or permanent adjustments and the court proceedings process.

Should I Request Child Support Modification?

As part of the divorce or separation process, a child support proceeding is often performed. Financial, medical, and housing arrangements are made so that each child under the age of 18  receives the same level of support they would have received with both parents in one household. As one of the top Pawleys Island family court law groups, Hopkins Law Firm will represent you during the divorce and child support hearings. We'll prepare your evidence and ability to pay child support during the initial proceeding but will also be available if you need to request a child support modification.

If your life circumstances shift, a child support modification request can help you and your children best deal with those changes.

Factors Considered In Child Support Modification

A request for child support modification is necessary in a number of life events. Some of the most common reasons to seek a change, include:

  • Decrease of income: In the event that you are laid off from your job or forced to take a pay deduction, it's possible you will not be able to meet the original terms of the child support. Likewise, if you are the primary caretaker of the children and lose employment, you may need to request more support for the children until another job can be obtained.
  • Increase of child's cost: As the child ages, their financial needs increase. Whether the added financial strain is from after-school activities, necessary dental work, or other medical care, the change calls for a child support modification request. The custodial parent may request an increase in support to cover the child's costs.
  • Additional family responsibilities: If a non-custodial parent remarries or has another child, it's possible to request a decrease in child support obligation to be able to support subsequent children.
  • Substantial financial gains: It's possible for the custodial parent to request a change in child support payments if it's discovered the non-custodial parent inherits or receives a substantial amount of money. The custodial parent can petition for an increase in payments based on the non-custodial parent's increase of income.

Is Temporary of Permanent Child Support Modification Needed?

As a skilled Pawleys Island family court legal team, the Hopkins Law Firm will explain the difference between a temporary and permanent child support modification request. A temporary change may be requested for a large one-time expense for the child, including necessary medical care. A permanent change is more fitting if the child's expense is ongoing, as with the continued cost of a private school.

The child support modification process can be slow-moving and emotionally draining. That's why it's in your best interest to partner with an experienced family lawyers who can handle the details of the care and support your best interest. Contact the Hopkins Law Firm if you're facing child support proceedings as a result of a divorce or if you believe a modification to your current order is necessary.

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