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What Does A Slip-And-Fall Lawyer Do?

Posted by Hopkins Law Firm | Jul 19, 2022 | 0 Comments

What Does A Slip-And-Fall Lawyer Do?

While some personal injury cases don't necessarily call for a lawyer's help, slip-and-fall cases typically aren't ideal for self-representation. A slip-and-fall lawyer in Pawleys Island can help you discover who was at fault for your accident and argue for the proper compensation based on your injuries. In many personal injury situations, the business or property owner will not take responsibility even when it's clear there was negligence on their part. An attorney can help you establish a case that clearly points to inaction or negligence on the property owner's part to prove your injuries could have been avoided.  

Pawleys Island Slip-And-Fall Lawyer

When you partner with a trusted Pawleys Island attorney for legal representation during a slip-and-fall case, it becomes clear to the property owner that you're taking the situation seriously. The lawyer's first priority is to get the attention of the defendant, so they understand you've moved beyond representing yourself.

The lawyer's job is to prove that the property owner was negligent in the care or upkeep of the property and that negligence was responsible for the majority of your injury. By proving the defendant is at fault, your lawyer positions your case to reach a fair settlement outside of court or to go to trial if necessary.

Proving A Slip-And-Fall Case

The attorney you hire must investigate the situation that caused your injury. You can expect the lawyer to ask several questions about your position on the step, in the store, or wherever the fall occurred. Falls happen quickly, and often victims don't realize exactly what happened, especially if a head injury has occurred. It may be just a matter of seconds between walking through a store's door and lying on the floor in pain.

Once your lawyer understands how you fell, they then investigate what portion of the circumstances were created by the owner's wrongdoing or negligence. Your lawyer may consider:

  • Did you slip on a substance on the floor?
  • Was the step or flooring unstable?
  • Did you trip over a store product or display?
  • Did a handrail give way and cause your fall?

A good slip-and-fall lawyer will examine the scene where the incident took place, discuss what could have caused the fall, and provide you with possible options. The lawyer will also look into if the property violated any municipality or state codes and will speak to any necessary experts to strengthen your case.

Why Hire A Slip-And-Fall Attorney

Proving your injuries and extent of emotional or long-term damage takes more than providing medical paperwork. You need a trusted Pawleys Island slip-and-fall attorney who will help you document lost wages, organize medical bills, and document any necessary future medical needs, like a physical therapist or future surgery, that should be covered by the defendant. Allow the Hopkins Law Firm to work on your behalf to prove your pain and suffering is the result of a property owner's negligence. Don't allow your pain and suffering to be neglected by a property owner. Contact the Hopkins Law Firm today to schedule a consultation.

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