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A class-action lawsuit is a civil suit brought against a defendant by a group of people who have suffered an injury or other harm by the actions, service, or product from that defendant. When a case is awarded class-action status, it means that an individual or small group of plaintiffs will act as representatives for a larger group (or class) who have suffered injuries similar to theirs.

If the plaintiff class, through their attorneys, wins the lawsuit, then all members of the class will receive compensation for the harm they have suffered. On the other hand, if the defendant succeeds, no member of the class will receive compensation for the alleged injury and cannot bring a new lawsuit against the defendant for the same issues.

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What Is A Class Action Lawsuit?

A class action is a lawsuit in which one person or a small group of persons serves as “class representative (s)” to bring an action on behalf of a whole “class” of people who are similarly situated, i.e., injured in the same manner by the same defendant or defendants. A class action lawsuit can involve as few as 40 people or as many as several hundred thousand. Class actions bring together many individuals who have been harmed by an entity, usually a company or corporation. While an individual bringing a case may be cost-prohibitive or have little effect, the number of plaintiffs in a class makes the lawsuit more tenable. Some common types of a class action are:

Defective Products

Products may malfunction in a specific way, products may not function or perform as advertised, products may cause harm to its users, or may have been defective when sold. If there are enough cases of a product being defective, it may warrant a class action suit.

Pharmaceuticals or Medical Devices

Over the counter and prescription drugs and medications can become part of a class action for reasons including exposing users to unsafe chemicals, if the companies make unsubstantiated claims about the drugs, or if the medications cause harmful reactions.

Employment Suits

Class action suits can be brought against an employer for violations of labor laws, discrimination, unpaid wages or overtime, unsafe working conditions, and many more issues.

Automotive Industry

Cars that are sold with safety defects or manufacturing flaws are often subject to class action suits. Deceptive marketing and classification practices can also warrant class action.


As environmental issues generally affect more than just one person, class action suits are commonly brought against companies who are responsible for polluting groundwater, riverways, air, and exposing the community to toxic or carcinogenic chemicals and other pollutants.


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  • Banks and mortgage lenders
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