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How Long Does a Slip and Fall Case Take to Settle?

Posted by Hopkins Law Firm | Jul 19, 2022 | 0 Comments

How Long Does a Slip and Fall Case Take to Settle

Many clients come in the door asking how much they can recover in a slip and fall lawsuit and how quickly they can get their money. They may be particularly eager to get a settlement check because they have incurred medical bills and missed time from work. However, many factors that decide the timeline for your settlement are beyond your control.

If we answered your question by telling you that a settlement takes between a few months and a few years, that would not be valuable information for you. It would not really tell you much of anything. You would be better off understanding the process that would result in a settlement check because it could inform you of what you could expect.

The Claims Process Can Be Detailed

You must go through an entire claims process before you can receive a check. You must compile extensive documentation before submitting the claim, including getting a full medical evaluation that gives your diagnosis and prognosis. Once you have that and other documentation of your damages, you can submit the claim to the insurance company. 

In many ways, the insurance company controls how long your case takes. The ball is in their court when it comes to paying out your claim. They can either deny the claim or make you a settlement offer. Even if they make an offer, it is not the end of your case. It must be the right offer for you. Unfortunately, their modus operandi is to make you a lowball offer that forces you to dig in and fight for what you deserve. 

On one end of the spectrum, you could either have a case of lower complexity or get a surprisingly reasonable early offer, coming to a resolution not long after you file it. Such an occurrence is very rare, however. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the insurance company could make your life difficult. They could drag their feet on making a reasonable settlement offer until close to when the statute of limitations expires, which could take your case closer to two years.

If you are forced to file a lawsuit, a settlement check could take even longer. Your best strategy is to present the strongest claim possible, which may persuade the insurance company that you legally deserve money. Hiring a personal injury attorney could put you in the best position because they know what you need to include in your submission. They could also put pressure on the insurance company to make an offer that works for you. However, the insurance company controls much of the timing, and they know it.

Experienced Charleston Slip and Fall Lawyers

To learn more about your legal rights, call the experienced Charleston slip and fall lawyers at the Hopkins Law Firm today at (843) 314-4202 or contact us online. We can help with your claim, and we will fight for your legal rights.


Will my slip and fall case go to trial?

It is not likely. Most personal injury cases will settle before they ever reach a trial.

What happens if the insurance company makes a settlement offer?

It does not necessarily mean that it fairly compensates you, and you should have your lawyer analyze it first.

What if I need to file a lawsuit?

You could still keep negotiating about a settlement, even if you have filed a court case. Most cases will settle at some point.

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