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How Do I Report Nursing Home Abuse in South Carolina

Posted by Hopkins Law Firm | Jul 19, 2022 | 0 Comments


The cases of nursing home abuse reported in South Carolina are heartbreaking. As an elder abuse lawyer in Pawleys Island, the Hopkins Law Firm has represented spouses and families of neglect and abuse victims. For many, recognizing the signs of nursing home abuse can be difficult. It may be the first time a loved one has been placed in a care facility or the family members may have been a part of the nursing home for some time, but recent changes in staff or management has allowed physical or emotional abuse to occur.

As a trusted Pawleys Island attorney, we are dedicated to helping you recognize when a loved one may be experiencing nursing home neglect or abuse and follow the proper steps in reporting that behavior.

Types Of Nursing Home Abuse in South Carolina

Nursing home abuse in South Carolina refers to elder abuse that occurs in a long-term care, residential facility. This type of abuse comprises:

  • Financial Abuse – Identity theft, or stealing a resident's property or money.
  • Mental Abuse – Verbal assaults, or keeping patient isolated from friends and family.
  • Neglect – Allowing residents to wander from facility and meet harm, refusing hygienic care, refusing prescription drugs, presence of bed sores or gangrene, over sedation, aspiration pneumonia, dehydration or malnutrition, and abandonment.
  • Physical Abuse – Injuries from punching, hitting, kicking, falls or excessive use of physical restraints.
  • Sexual Abuse – Sexual acts, forced or committed upon, a resident who is mentally or physically not capable of denying or granting permission.

In 2010, there were 186 nursing facilities in South Carolina with 18,966 beds of which 91 percent were occupied. And South Carolina's aging population is growing. Between 2012 to 2032, the state's population age 85 and older will increase 101 percent. The percentage of nursing home facilities in South Carolina with severe deficiencies is 16.2 percent, and as the aging population increase, there's great risk of more nursing home abuse being committed.

File Complaint Against South Carolina Nursing Home

If you suspect that a friend, loved one or other resident of a nursing home in South Carolina is being abused, your first step is to report your concerns and possible mistreatment to the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC). DHEC is mandated to investigate any report of abuse or mistreatment that potentially violates South Carolina licensing standards.

You can file your complaint anonymously. Request confidentiality when reporting the issues to DHEC and health officials will conceal your identity unless mandated by federal or state law. A DHEC inspector will evaluate your report to determine if the agency can help you. You'll receive a written acknowledgement of your complaint and once the investigation is complete, you'll receive a written report regarding the findings of your claim.

Contact South Carolina Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Protect your family from insufficient care by hiring an experienced Pawleys Island lawyer who understands elder law and will take the proper steps to ensure your loved one is treated with respect. The Hopkins Law Firm in Pawleys Island will wok on your behalf to prevent or stop the abuse.

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