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Do I Need A Child Custody Lawyer?

Posted by Hopkins Law Firm | Jul 19, 2022 | 0 Comments

If you've gone through a divorce or separation from your partner and there are children involved, it can sometimes be difficult to get both parties to agree on child custody arrangements. Considering a child custody lawyer isn't a bad idea, especially if the separation was complicated or hostile. While it is possible to represent yourself when facing a child custody battle, there are certain scenarios when hiring an experienced family lawyer is in your best interest. 

A strong child custody lawyer will fight on your behalf during mediation and disputes that revolve around your children. The main goal of your lawyer is to help you become the primary caregiver for your children, walk you through the court process, represent you in court, and negotiate child support payments.

Child Support Lawyer

Take the time to evaluate your situation. To gain the outcome you desire, you may need to call upon a Pawleys Island child support lawyer.

  • Disgruntled partner: If your partner is accusing you of being an unfit parent, don't attempt to represent yourself in court. Hire an attorney who will be your voice against accusations that you shouldn't be allowed to care for the children.
  • Crossing jurisdictions: If you and your partner live in different states, the laws can become murky when determining how child custody should be arranged. An experienced lawyer will know your rights and how to fight for your desired outcome.
  • Concerned for children's safety: If the safety of your child is ever a concern, contact the proper authorities. Choose a child custody lawyer who will do the leg work to justify your concerns in court.
  • Difficult seeing children: If your former partner is using the children against you and not allowing you to see them, it's best to have legal counsel on your side. 
  • Change in circumstances: If you or your partner are getting remarried, moving, or preparing to share a home with another person, obtain a lawyer to ensure the changes won't negatively impact how often you can see your children.

While it may be difficult and require prolonged mediation, if you and your former partner can reach an agreement on child custody, the children will be the winners. Otherwise, a judge will determine who is better for the children to live with full time. Your lawyer will represent you during mediation to express your desire for the children.

The cost of a child support lawyer will depend on your specific case. For uncontested cases, your lawyer may charge a flat fee to complete the paperwork and process court documents. However, an hourly rate is standard for cases that require mediation or go to court. Rates will vary, so it's best to have that conversation with your lawyer before acquiring services.

Your child custody battle doesn't have to be an added stress to your recent separation. Call the Hopkins Law Firm to schedule a consultation to review your case and consider your options.  


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