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Pedestrian accident near South Carolina elementary school

While December is a busy month for residents in South Carolina and elsewhere, this does not mean that we do not have the time to stop and look at our surroundings. This is especially true for motorists traveling in areas where pedestrians frequent. During the holiday season, this tends to be near stores, malls and parking lots, however, schools are a concerning area year round. This is because young children are walking during the morning and afternoon hours outside of the school when parents and buses are also transporting students to the school.

Study shows increase in traffic deaths for second year in a row

For a number of years, national statistics showed a slow but steady decline in the number of traffic fatalities. Researchers pointed to many possible explanations, including improved safety equipment and increased awareness and enforcement of drunk driving laws. However, in the past two years the trend has appeared to reverse.

Helping you collect damages in a personal injury action

Much like the name implies, accidents are unexpected events. No one can assume that he or she will be an accident victim, and they certainly cannot prepare for such a tragic event occurring. Thus, when you are injured in an accident, it is vital to understand what happened, what caused the incident, if another party is accountable and whether you have legal recourses available.

Recovering compensation after a slip-and-fall accident

When we set foot on someone else's property, whether it's to shop at a store, dine at a restaurant or simply walk on a sidewalk, we place a certain trust in the owner of the property to keep the premises reasonably safe. Under South Carolina law, the owner has a duty to periodically inspect the property and repair hazards so as to avoid accidents that might harm visitors.

Woman killed in wrong-way crash in South Carolina

While motorists in South Carolina and elsewhere expect to encounter other vehicles while traveling on the roadways, they do not anticipate a driver coming at them head-on. A wrong-way driver is a very dangerous and serious situation on the roadway. No matter the reason for a driver traveling in the wrong direction, if a wrong-way crash ensues, this is likely to result in serious and even fatal injuries for those involved.

What should a victim do following a slip-and-fall accident?

When we enter public or private property, we are under the assumption that property owners have taken proactive measures to make the environment safe for visitors and patrons. Thus, when we encounter a slippery floor, damaged carpet, unsafe stairwell or an unlit parking lot, it is a shocking incident. Individuals in South Carolina not only don't expect to slip while on the property of another, but they also do not expect to suffer serious injuries as a result of a slip and fall.

Could I lose my right to recover money in a car accident?

In many of our posts, we have highlighted a number of dangers that South Carolina drivers face, including distracted drivers, drunk drivers and drowsy drivers. However, we have not touched upon how the law treats injured parties when their own actions (at least in part) may have caused the accident leading to their.

Why drowsy driving can be a hazard

Drunk driving and distracted driving are two taboos that garner a great deal of public service announcements, especially with Labor Day weekend approaching. Both can lead to criminal penalties in the state of South Carolina and both cause thousands of crashes each year. At the same time, drowsy driving is not decried in the same way, even though it can be just as dangerous.

What are your rights when there is a vehicle recall or defects?

In today's society, it is very common to own a motor vehicle if not more than one. These are very reliable and useful consumer products, providing an effective form of transportation. Although there are many benefits of owning a vehicle, some consumers experience a vehicle that is not working right. While this could be due to normal wear and tear, it could also be due to defective or recalled parts. When a vehicle suddenly does not work right, this can be an inconvenience. However, when a vehicle malfunctions while a consumer is operating it, this can be a dangerous and risky situation.

Why you should know about PTSD after car accidents

It’s perfectly normal to be shaken up after a car accident. After all, who leaves their home and proceeds to their destination actually expecting to be in an accident? Before the year is up, millions of accidents are expected to occur across the U.S. With these crash numbers, it is possible for nearly 30,000 to develop severe emotional issues stemming from the accident. 

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