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Disfiguration: A traumatic result of car crashes

Getting into a car accident is bad enough when it causes injuries. When those injuries are to your face or other obvious area of your body, it can be devastating. Not only do you have to live with the pain of the injuries, but you have to struggle with what you look like or how you appear to others.

3 ways a DUI can wreak havoc on your life

Imagine driving through Pawleys Island on Friday night. You had stopped by your favorite bar on the way home form work to have a few drinks and catch up with your friends. Just a few blocks from your home, you suddenly see red and blue lights flashing in your rearview mirror. A police officer was pulling you over. Just a short time later, you were in the back of a squad car and on your way to lock-up for the night. Now, you are facing a driving under the influence (DUI) charge.

After a car wreck, don't do this

Just like with most things in life, there are some do's and don'ts that you should follow after a car accident. Imagine driving through Pawleys Island when another driver rear ends you. You know that you should stay at the scene and wait for the police. You also know that you should check on the other driver if you are able and, if you are injured, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. These are things you have mostly likely known since you completed a driver's education course when you first got your license.

Can I receive pain and suffering damages after a car accident?

Experiencing a car accident can leave a person with many different kinds of injuries, and these injuries may take many months or even years to fully recover from. In some instances, an injury is so severe that the victim is permanently injured. If another party is liable for the accident, then a court may award a settlement to the victim, or the two parties amy reach a settlement outside of court.

Your business can be whole again after a breach of contract

Part of operating a business means signing contracts. You probably signed a rental agreement for your office or retail space. Perhaps, you have a contract with a vendor to supply the goods and materials you need for daily operations. Maybe you have a contract with a client that specifies that terms of payment when you provide goods or services.

5 ways a brain injury can affect you after a crash

When you think of a brain injury, you might first think of a concussion. Most people assume concussions lead to a few weeks of headaches and potentially other symptoms as a result of swelling. Whether you suffer a concussion or a more serious brain injury, the symptoms aren't that simple.

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