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The different types of distracted driving

We all try to multitask. We might not be the best at it, but in our busy lives, it seems like a must to survive the day. While this might be fine when you are at home or in the office, it can be disastrous when a person tries to multitask while they are operating a vehicle. While many might think this is a minimal situation, distracted driving is the cause of a growing number of crashes on the roadways across the nation.

There are three types of distractions that could occur while a person is driving. The first is visual, which means they take their eyes off of the road. This frequently occurs when a driver is using their cellphone while driving. The next type of distraction is manual, which is when the driver takes their hand or hands off of the wheel. This could occur to use a cellphone, GPS, radio or grabbing something in the passenger or backseat.

The third type of distraction is cognitive. This is when the driver's mind is no longer on the task of driving. This could happen in a variety of situations, such as talking on the phone, talking to a passenger in the vehicle, looking at a map or other similar activities.

The problem with distracted driving is not only the fact that a driver is not focused on driving but also that it puts many lives at risk. In 2015, distracted driving caused 391,000 injuries and 3,477 deaths. While laws have been passed to reduce the number of these crashes, these do not always convince motorists to avoid distracting activities.

Victims of a distracted driving crash should be aware that thy have rights and recourses. A personal injury claim could help a victim hold a negligent driver accountable and assist with the recovery of compensation. This could help offset damages such as medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages.

Source: Cdc.gov, "Distracted Driving," Accessed Feb. 10, 2018

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