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4 things to remember when driving on icy roads

South Carolina doesn't often see snow, but with global warming and other issues shifting the weather conditions, it's becoming more common. As individuals struggle to cope with new or worsening weather conditions, there's a higher risk of an accident.

It's important for people to understand their limits. When the weather is poor, it's not always a good idea to head out onto the roads. For people uneducated in winter driving, it could be a death sentence.

Snow means trouble in Southern states

It's not normal to see snow in the Southern states, but thanks to winter storms, it's becoming more common. In mid-January, Winter Storm Inga was expected to drop at least a half-inch of snow in northern South Carolina. While that may not seem like much, if it melts and refreezes, it has the potential to cause black ice and a series of crashes.

What should you do to prepare for winter weather conditions?

It's important to know yourself and your abilities. If you're not familiar with snowy or icy roads, don't drive. Keeping yourself off the roads is the only way to guarantee you won't get into a crash.

If you do have to go out, slow down and prepare for your commute to take longer. Even if you're being safe, you need to be extra vigilant because of the potential for other drivers to act recklessly. You can't drive exactly the same as you would if it was raining or the roads were dry, since snow and ice make the roads more slick and could lead to fishtailing.

Overall, remember that drivers end up causing crashes because they overestimate their abilities. Be safe. Only drive if you feel confident that you can do so safely. If you do and end up in an accident, take the time to seek medical help before you file your claim.

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