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Increase in crashes during the holiday season

To those that celebrate Christmas, this holiday can mean a variety of things to individuals and families in South Carolina and elsewhere. For some, it could mean traveling near or far to spend time with family. For others, it could mean venturing out to holiday events and parties. Finally, it could mean frantically driving store to store in order to purchase gifts on loved one's lists. No matter what way a person celebrates the upcoming holiday; the reality is that an increased amount of vehicles are on the roadways. This presents an increased chance in automobile collisions occurring.

Based on current statistics, the rate of fatal crashes increases by 25 percent during both the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season. On n average day, roughly 117 deaths occur because of crashes occurring across the nation. During these holidays, this rate is boosted up to 156.

This increase is fairly easy to explain. To begin, the increase in traffic increases the chances of crashes. Because more vehicles are on the roads during this time of year, there is a heightened risk of being involved in a crash. Next, the wintertime has a tendency of bringing inclement weather even in the south. Such weather conditions could cause crashes if motorists are driving too fast for conditions.

Finally, the holiday season brings out the cheer and celebration for most. This often means partaking in the consumption of alcohol. While having a few drinks is fine in most situations, it can become dangerous for those who decide to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. The rate of DUIs and crashes caused by them increase from the Wednesday before Thanksgiving until New Year's Day.

The aftermath of a car crash can be devastating. Victims could endure unexpected injuries, pain and suffering. This often means much medical attention, rehabilitation, lost time at work and other damages. Therefore, a personal injury action might be the right step for a victim to take. This not only helps a victim hold a negligent driver accountable but also helps them recover compensation for their losses and damages suffered.

Source: Ibtimes.com, "Holiday Crash Statistics: Christmas, New Year's Among The Deadliest Times To Drive On The Road," Clark Mindock, Dec. 23, 2016

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