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December 2017 Archives

Can you reduce a DUI to a reckless driving offense?

No matter where you are leaving from or headed to, it is never a comfortable feeling getting pulled over by law enforcement. Motorists in South Carolina and elsewhere often fear the worst when they get pulled over. Even if it is not apparent why a police officer pulled you over, it is possible that an officer might suspect more than just the traffic offense that caused the traffic stop. If a driver is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol, this could mean a DUI charge and serious penalties.

Increase in crashes during the holiday season

To those that celebrate Christmas, this holiday can mean a variety of things to individuals and families in South Carolina and elsewhere. For some, it could mean traveling near or far to spend time with family. For others, it could mean venturing out to holiday events and parties. Finally, it could mean frantically driving store to store in order to purchase gifts on loved one's lists. No matter what way a person celebrates the upcoming holiday; the reality is that an increased amount of vehicles are on the roadways. This presents an increased chance in automobile collisions occurring.

Pedestrian accident near South Carolina elementary school

While December is a busy month for residents in South Carolina and elsewhere, this does not mean that we do not have the time to stop and look at our surroundings. This is especially true for motorists traveling in areas where pedestrians frequent. During the holiday season, this tends to be near stores, malls and parking lots, however, schools are a concerning area year round. This is because young children are walking during the morning and afternoon hours outside of the school when parents and buses are also transporting students to the school.

Why was your mortgage refinance request denied?

We can't always predict our future. This also means that we cannot know our financial future, even if we took the time to do careful financial planning. Difficult times and financial hardships could occur, making it challenging to keep up with bills, especially large ones like a mortgage. When these unfortunate events do occur, residents in South Carolina and elsewhere seek out their options, such as refinancing their mortgage.

The legality of DUI checkpoints and your defense options

During the holiday months in the fall and winter, individuals in South Carolina and elsewhere note the increase in traffic on the roadways. Motorists are likely traveling to visit family, go to a holiday gathering or even attend a party. While these are common acts during this time of year, it is also a time where many consume alcoholic beverages. Although have one or two will likely not put a driver over the limit, driver with alcohol in your system can have its risks. This could mean an automobile collision or even a traffic stop by a police officer that suspects you are intoxicated.

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