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Don't face a failed breath test alone

A previous post on this blog reminded both the residents of and visitors to Pawleys Island, South Carolina, that blowing over a .08 on a breath test is not an automatic win for the prosecution.

Moreover, and particularly if a person drives for a living or is in some other occupation which is strict about alcohol-related legal issues, he or she may want to fight even a first-time DUI offense, and an unfavorable breath test result shouldn't necessarily preclude that. This is no doubt a difficult decision for a person to make, as trials involve time, money and emotional stress.

Our law office has considerable experience representing clients when they are facing drunk driving charges, and we also have additional experience with alcohol-related car issues in other areas of our practice. We are family with defenses that might be available to those who have blown over .08 on a breath test. While we're always honest about a person's chances at trial when it comes to advising our clients, you can rest assured that we don't just throw in the towel in the face an unfavorable test result and will work hard to protect your rights.

A legal problem, especially when it is a criminal case like a DUI, can be a very stressful experience that can at times seem overwhelming to a person. With over 30 years' combined legal experience, we have successfully helped our clients through all kinds of issues that seemed insurmountable to them, including difficult DUI cases. Our legal team stand ready to help protect your rights and is on your side during what is no doubt a challenging time.

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