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Helping you take action after a HAMP loan denial

Owning a home is typically on the top of the list for individuals in South Carolina and elsewhere. While it might take years to reach this goal, it is often one that individuals and families will not give up on. Nonetheless, having a home loan denied could suddenly crush these dreams. Additionally, if an individual has secured a home and are no longer to afford their monthly payments, this could call for a loan modification. However, being denied for this process can also crush their home owning dream as well.

When the Home Affordable Modification Program or HAMP was passed in 2009, many banks were asked to participate in this program. Nonetheless, not all banks fulfilled their obligations. In fact, those seeking modification through Bank Of America were unlawfully misled or denied.

Homeowners were utilizing this program in order to make lower monthly payments and even permanently modify their current loan obligations. In order to enjoy the benefits of this program, borrowers needed to prove eligibility. Unfortunately, many applicants were misinformed or misled about their current applications. Additionally, some Bank of America employees would deny ever receiving an application, thus prolonging the process and even putting the applicant in a worse condition.

At Hopkins Law Firm, LLC, our experienced legal team understands the challenges this predicament has caused countless homeowners. Because of this, we are dedicated to advocating for those harmed by the fraud executed by this bank in order to make a profit. We will obtain the financial information necessary to prove that you were unlawfully misled or denied, causing you to unrightfully lose your home.

To learn more, check out our law firm's Bank of America HAMP loan denial website. We understand that this is a devastating situation to be in, altering your life in many ways. Thus, we hope to better inform you of your rights and options, allowing you to take timely action.

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