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5 ways a brain injury can affect you after a crash

When you think of a brain injury, you might first think of a concussion. Most people assume concussions lead to a few weeks of headaches and potentially other symptoms as a result of swelling. Whether you suffer a concussion or a more serious brain injury, the symptoms aren't that simple.

Each brain injury is different, and the way they present depends on the area of the brain affected. How will your brain injury affect you? Here are a few possibilities.

1. You may not communicate well

If the areas of your brain that handle language are injured, you may find that it's harder than ever to communicate with others. You may struggle to understand what people say to you, have slurred speech or be unable to read or write because of confusion.

2. You may have consistent headaches

Even dull headaches make it difficult to concentrate and enjoy your life. Those with concussions may find they struggle with headache now more than in the past.

3. You could develop seizures

When your brain sends too many signals at once, it may have a seizure. These can be absence seizures or grand mal seizures, among other types. Seizures can be devastating and result in losing your license or being unable to work.

4. You may miss out on social events

With so many different symptoms, it may be too difficult for you to go out and enjoy the things you once loved. Seeing a movie could bring on headaches, or talking with others could become burdensome.

5. You could lose your job

If you can't work because of the injuries you've suffered, you may not be able to keep your current job. Even though it's not your fault, this can be a devastating blow for someone in a career he or she loves.

These are a few ways a brain injury can affect you after a car crash. From symptoms the body struggles with to missing out on your social life, a brain injury can lead to lasting consequences.

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