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DUI defense, other protections for commercial license charges

Driving a commercial vehicle is a lifeline for many people in South Carolina. It is how they earn their living and any threat to that ability is a significant problem that must be addressed. There are numerous reasons why a commercial driver's license can be suspended and the driver can be disqualified from driving commercially. When there is a charge that leads to this potential punishment, it can be vital to have legal assistance for a DUI defense or for whatever the issue was that led to the possible sanctions.

With allegations of driving under the influence, a person can lose his or her commercial driving privileges for driving under the influence of alcohol, a controlled substance, or a drug that can lead to impairment of driving ability. The license can also be lost for driving a commercial vehicle with an alcohol concentration of 0.04 percent or more. A driver who leaves the scene of an accident can lose the privilege to drive commercially. If the motor vehicle was used in the commission of a felony, then the license can be lost. Refusing to submit to a breath test can result in the license being lost.

Drivers are also subject to losing their commercial driver's license if they drive the commercial vehicle while the license has been suspended, revoked or canceled or if the driver has been disqualified from driving a commercial vehicle. If the driver causes a fatality because of negligently operating the vehicle, there can be a disqualification. For drivers who are transporting hazardous materials while committing these violations, the disqualification will be for a minimum of three years.

For those who have been accused of acts that might lead to a suspension or disqualification of commercial driving privileges, it could be a matter of not being able to make a living if he or she is not allowed to drive a commercial vehicle. Lodging a strong DUI defense or defense against any of the other allegations that can lead to these penalties is imperative. For advice, a commercial driver can consult with a Pawleys Island South Carolina DUI defense attorney.

Source: scstatehouse.gov, "Section 56-1-2110. Disqualification from driving commercial motor vehicle.," accessed on June 27, 2017

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