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June 2017 Archives

DUI defense, other protections for commercial license charges

Driving a commercial vehicle is a lifeline for many people in South Carolina. It is how they earn their living and any threat to that ability is a significant problem that must be addressed. There are numerous reasons why a commercial driver's license can be suspended and the driver can be disqualified from driving commercially. When there is a charge that leads to this potential punishment, it can be vital to have legal assistance for a DUI defense or for whatever the issue was that led to the possible sanctions.

Local councilman arrested for driving under the influence

Pawleys Island is a popular destination for tourists and South Carolina residents alike, especially in the warmer months. The joys of being on vacation or taking some time away from their busy lives also lends itself to having a few alcoholic beverages or indulging in other substances. Law enforcement is vigilant over this possibility of people committing DUI and is constantly on the lookout for those who might be exhibiting behaviors that indicate driving under the influence. That can make it important to lodge a defense with help from a Pawleys Island South Carolina DUI defense attorney.

Legal help after a wrongful death in South Carolina

In Pawleys Island and throughout South Carolina, it is an unfortunate reality that accidents will happen and people will be injured and killed. These accidents can occur in myriad ways. A car accident or an accident with some other kind of motor vehicle are the incidents most commonly associated with a wrongful death case, but incidents can also happen because of poorly designed and dangerous products, at work due to another's negligence, and in many more ways. Those who have lost a loved one in an incident that did not have to happen should be aware of their options to seek compensation through a legal filing.

Passenger dies, driver charged with driving under the influence

In some South Carolina cases with allegations of a driver driving under the influence, there is little more than a traffic stop, a law enforcement investigation and an arrest. While these situations can be problematic for the driver with various penalties, they do not reach the level of a felony with another person being injured or killed. When there is a crash and a felony arrest for DUI, the person needs to be aware of the consequences for a conviction and consider immediately contacting a Pawleys Island South Carolina DUI defense attorney.

Increase in warm weather traffic raises chance of a car accident

Memorial Day is a holiday to honor those who gave their lives in the course of service in the Armed Forces. For many, it is also a day off from work and is viewed as the official start of the summer season. South Carolina has many appealing destinations for travelers, and that means added traffic to state roadways. Unfortunately, that increases the chance of a car accident, motorcycle accident and any other motor vehicle crash.

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