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Drugged driving a rising cause of wrongful death auto accidents

Drivers operating their vehicles under the influence is a major danger for everyone on the road. With the summer months rapidly approaching and tourism at its height, those in Pawleys Island and throughout South Carolina must be vigilant to this reality. Even being cautious does not guarantee that a car accident or truck accident can be avoided. Studies are frequently employed to determine the causes of these crashes to try and reduce the behavior that leads to them. These studies are also informative to those who are filing wrongful death or personal injury claims.

Data from 2015 shows that drugged driving might be surpassing drunk driving as the greater cause for deaths in motor vehicle accidents. The Governors Highway Safety Association and Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility issued a report discussing this information. It says that in 2015, there was a higher number of positive drug tests in fatal crashes than evidence of alcohol impairment in fatal crashes. An independent expert from upstate New York stated that drivers who were killed were found to have drugs in their system more frequently than they did alcohol.

The executive director of GHSA said that drugged driving is a growing problem as states deal with the legalization of certain drugs, prescription medication that is legal to have and use, the opioid epidemic, and how it is affecting drivers. With drugged driving on the rise, the connection between legalization of marijuana in certain states as well as the troublesome growth in opioid use is being examined to see how it can be assessed in terms of crashes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that 35 percent of the positive drug tests were due to marijuana. Although numerous states have legalized marijuana use, it remains against the law to drive after having used it. One researcher said that drivers who are operating their vehicles while impaired often have combined two substances or more.

For people who have been hurt or lost a loved one in a car accident, they may have the option of filing a case in an effort to receive compensation. For help in investigating the circumstances, gathering evidence and taking the necessary steps to file a case, a Pawleys Island South Carolina personal injury attorney can work from start to finish to get appropriate compensation after an accident.

Source: scienceworldreport.com, "Drugged Driving More Fatal Than Drunk Driving," Brooke James, April 29, 2017

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