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Delayed pain after a car accident may mean serious injury

For many families, summer means road trips and visits to sunny coastal South Carolina. But, amidst the beach trips and barbecues, the more crowded roads and higher incidents of drinking and driving lead to an uptick in car accidents throughout the summer months.

After you experience a car accident, you may think at first that you got away easily without any significant injuries. Sadly, this is often dangerously inaccurate. Some injuries commonly suffered in even minor car accidents do no present themselves immediately, so if you choose to forego proper medical treatment after an accident, you may suffer injuries you don't know you have until days or even weeks later.

This is problematic for a few reasons — first, your injury may worsen if you do not get professional medical treatment as soon as possible, sometimes developing into a serious or even fatal condition.

Second, you may experience some extra difficulty convincing an insurance provider to cover your injury without proper help. Insurance companies often look for any reason to avoid paying out when they can justify not doing so.

If you experience pain days or weeks after an accident, be sure to receive proper medical treatment, and consider seeking the guidance of an experienced attorney who can help you to fully recover through proper medical channels and pursue fair compensation if necessary.

Your pain could indicate many things

Depending on the nature of your particular pain, you may have a number of serious injuries. If, for instance, you experience persistent nausea or headaches, you may have a mild brain injury, or a spinal cord injury.

Similarly, whiplash (which is a broad term used to describe a variety of more specific injuries) can take days to express itself, generally in persistent headaches or shoulder, neck and upper back pain.

Spinal injuries are also very common in car accidents, and can manifest in a number of ways. Your spinal cord houses nerves that run to every part of your body, and if one or more of the discs in you spine move out of place, it can pinch the nerves. Pinched nerves can affect your body in many ways. Most commonly, pinched nerves produce symptoms of numbness or tingling, especially in your hands, legs and feet.

If your pain is in your abdomen, do not put off medical treatment a moment longer than you have to. Abdomen pain may indicate that you have internal bleeding or potentially serious organ damage. If left untreated, organ damage or internal bleeding can lead to potentially fatal conditions.

Get proper help immediately

No matter what kind of delayed pain you experience, you should not put off proper medical treatment. Once you have properly identified the cause and are no longer in immediate danger, an attorney can help you review your options. With professional legal guidance from an experienced attorney, you can rest assured that you have all the tools you need to reclaim your life and seek any fair compensation you may deserve.

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