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Takata air bag recall continues, but they're still out there

Pawleys Island may be far from the hustle and bustle of the big South Carolina cities, but that does not mean it is immune from the issues that trouble the rest of the state or even the rest of the country. Some things, such as the recall of defective products like Takata air bags that involves a long list of vehicles is one of them.

We doubt there is anyone who doesn't know about this particular effort. The problem is with inflators in certain models of bags. These devices are supposed to provide an increased measure of safety in the event of a vehicle crash. Unfortunately, starting in about 2008, it became known that inflators couldn't stand the tests of time or environment. Since then, nearly 70 million inflators have been recalled in the U.S. alone.

To date, at least 16 deaths are attributed to the faulty air bag inflators. The propellant used to quickly inflate the cushions in a crash is known to become unstable to a point where it explodes with too much force – scattering the interiors of vehicles with metal shards. Now it's apparent that there are some gaps in the government's recall effort.

According to reports, some defective bags are finding their way through the junkyard circuit into rebuilt used vehicles, and there's no law preventing this from occurring. In the case of one young Nevada woman, it nearly cost her life. Her family's attorney says the number of bad air bags could number in the millions and they are virtually untraceable.

Until laws and policies change, consumer advocates advise anyone thinking about buying a used vehicle should be suspicious about buying one under a salvage title. There's just no good way to know its history. Lack of history does not erase liability, however. If you are hurt due to defects in a product, contacting an experienced attorney is a wise step to ensure proper accountability.

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