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Law enforcement officer arrested for driving under the influence

Being charged with driving under the influence can happen to anyone in South Carolina regardless of what they do for a living. The laws do not discriminate, nor do they give allowances. Being arrested for drunk driving can lead to numerous penalties including fines, loss of driving privileges and incarceration. Discussing a plan to formulate a defense with a Pawleys Island South Carolina DUI defense attorney is one of the most essential factors in resolving a case with as positive a result as possible.

A South Carolina law enforcement officer was arrested for driving under the influence while he was on duty. The highway patrol officer who was overseeing the initial investigation of the allegedly drunk officer had called for backup at shortly before 5 p.m. and a field sobriety test was given. The officer was said to have done poorly on the test. He subsequently refused to submit to a breathalyzer to determine his blood-alcohol content. According to the arrest records, the officer was booked at shortly before 8 p.m. and charged with DUI and transporting alcohol with its seal broken.

When placed under arrest for driving under the influence, one of the keys to the case is the DUI defense that is formulated. Because these charges can result in onerous penalties and, in certain instances, have a negative effect on person's life after the fact, the defense is imperative. That is particularly true when a person has been placed under arrest and has a job that could be lost as a result of a conviction. There are a number of ways to craft a defense for a DUI charge. It is possible that there is a reasonable explanation and the driver could be acquitted with a competent defense.

In this case, a law enforcement officer was arrested for driving his cruiser while drunk and on duty. He was also charged with other offenses. Considering the damage that a conviction can do to his life and career, he must prepare his defense immediately. For that, a drunk driving lawyer is imperative.

Source: wmbfnews.com, "Lamar police officer arrested, charged with DUI," Brad Dickerson, March 31, 2017

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