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April 2017 Archives

Study shows the dangers of distracted drivers and a car accident

The problem of drivers operating their vehicles while distracted goes beyond South Carolina and extends throughout the country and even all over the world. Access to information has its benefits, but when a smartphone is readily available, many people cannot resist the temptation to grab it at any opportunity and check texts, emails, social media and more. For those who have been in an accident or lost a loved one, it is important to know how and why it happened. Increasingly, these accidents are occurring because of a distracted driver. This can be a key factor in personal injury claims or wrongful death cases.

Takata air bag recall continues, but they're still out there

Pawleys Island may be far from the hustle and bustle of the big South Carolina cities, but that does not mean it is immune from the issues that trouble the rest of the state or even the rest of the country. Some things, such as the recall of defective products like Takata air bags that involves a long list of vehicles is one of them.

Man charged with DUI and possessing drugs

Drivers operating their vehicles under the influence is a dangerous situation that can cause injuries, death and property damage. With that in mind, South Carolina law enforcement is constantly on the lookout for drivers who might be driving under the influence. However, just because an arrest was made does not automatically mean that the person is guilty. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding an arrest, it can be imperative that the person discuss the case with a Pawleys Island South Carolina DUI defense attorney to try to avoid the most severe penalties for a conviction.

3 defenses for any DWI charge

You may have had a little too much to drink before you got behind the wheel, but that doesn't necessarily mean you were drunk when the police pulled you over. There are a number of tests that have to be performed before you face charges for being over the limit. Even if the test comes back positive, there's a chance that it's inaccurate.

Study shows rise in pedestrians involved in car accidents

Walking is supposed to be a safe way to get from point A to point B while simultaneously providing good exercise. While driving has inherent dangers, walking is thought to be a method to avoid those risks. For Pawleys Island residents, it might come as a surprise that being a pedestrian can be dangerous by itself, but that is what the most recent statistics analyzed by the Governors Highway Safety Association shows. When a person is in an accident with a motor vehicle as a pedestrian, it can cause a multitude of problems. It is essential to know what to do if this occurs.

Law enforcement officer arrested for driving under the influence

Being charged with driving under the influence can happen to anyone in South Carolina regardless of what they do for a living. The laws do not discriminate, nor do they give allowances. Being arrested for drunk driving can lead to numerous penalties including fines, loss of driving privileges and incarceration. Discussing a plan to formulate a defense with a Pawleys Island South Carolina DUI defense attorney is one of the most essential factors in resolving a case with as positive a result as possible.

South Carolina named 4th deadliest state for pedestrian fatalities

The Governors Highway Safety Association released the 2016 preliminary data for the number of pedestrian traffic fatalities by state, and South Carolina ranks as the fourth deadliest state in the U.S., averaging 1.33 fatalities per 100,000 for the period between Jan and June 2016, only behind Delaware, Florida and Arizona, based on data by the State Highway Safety Offices (SHSO)

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