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Legal help after an injury or death due to defective products

When Pawleys Island residents and people throughout South Carolina purchase a product, they are not only expecting it to work as it is supposed to, but also that it be safe. Unfortunately, there are products that are dangerous and can cause injury and wrongful death. When defective products are provided by a manufacturer, the victim who has been harmed or the relatives of a person who died because of it may have the right to seek compensation through personal injury claims. Understanding how to recognize when there was a defect with a product is key to pursuing a case.

Many people are injured and killed because of defective products each year. A large number are children. There could be mistakes made when the product was being manufactured, it might have been of low-quality, the design could have been faulty, there could have been an issue with the performance of the product or some other issue could have arisen. This can be a basic product that was purchased in a store, a motor vehicle, a medical device or an industrial item. Depending on the product and what it was being used for, the damage can range from minor to fatal.

A common issue is the failure to realize that there was a mistake in the manufacturing or design that caused the damage. Knowing the common items that have defects is crucial. An automobile might not have been constructed so that it is crashworthy. There could have been an airbag failure or other parts of a vehicle that were defective. Drugs and medications could have been dangerous and recalled. Tools are often a source of injury if they are not made up to specifications for utilization and safety. Household items could cause illness, injury or death. Toys might have been made with parts that break off, resulting in children swallowing them or being injured in other ways. Personal products that are used for hygiene can cause infections and other conditions that can lead to injury and death.

These are just a few of the potential reasons how person can be injured or killed after purchasing and using a defective product. Those who have been hurt or who have lost a loved one and think that defective products were the reason can contact a Pawleys Island South Carolina personal injury attorney for more information.

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