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SC roads are deadlier than war, according to agency

There were 961 coalition military deaths in 2007 during Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

There were 711 deaths during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

Last year, 975 people died on the roads in South Carolina. 

This is a point brought up by Tony Fallaw, a state traffic engineer who is staunchly disappointed with South Carolina's approach to road safety, according to an article by The State.

As a result, the State Transportation Department has unveiled a new rural road safety program, aiming at reducing that 975 number.

Deadliest roads in the nation

Many of South Carolina's rural roads are often seen as the problem. While the rural roads do cause a large issue, others maintain that the state's highways and interstates are just as big a cause. 

In particular, lack of funds and state spending have caused irregular repairs to the highways, resulting in potholes, missing signage and unsuitable road conditions, according to the Transportation Department. 

To combat that, the agency estimated that it needs an additional $50 million towards rural road safety. However, upon further inspection, the number was revised to $943 million. That's an extra $943 million to make deteriorating roads safe again. 

What are the improvements?

Since 60 percent of the state's traffic fatalities occur on rural roads, many of the changes will be aimed at repairing and optimizing those particular roadways. However, the state is also aiming to upgrade guard rails and rumble strips, as well as instituting wider shoulders and clear areas along highways. 

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