Guidance Through Your Family Law Or Divorce Issues

The end of a marriage that leads to divorce can be a very emotional, stressful and anxious time. This is especially true when children are involved.

Trying to understand and deal with legal issues during this already difficult time can be overwhelming. Attorney Bill Hopkins has personally tried and prevailed in five contested custody cases, as well as countless family court trials where custody was not a contested issue.

Divorce involves a division of the most important things in your life: Your kids, your house, your money, your car and your assets. It is important that you hire a knowledgeable and experienced family court attorney when such important issues are at stake.

If you are contemplating, or going through, a divorce, call the experienced team at Hopkins Law Firm first to find out your rights and learn how the divorce process works in South Carolina. Talk to us, call 843-314-4005 or email us and we will respond promptly. Our attorneys are here to listen and to help.